Paris Bar Crawl

The Best Pub Crawl


The Mouffetard Pub Crawl is the BEST RATED PUB CRAWL in Paris. Have you seen our reviews?! What a hit!

We are very grateful to all our participants. They are making the Mouffetard Pub Crawl even greater every time. And more and more of them are coming each week to do the best pub crawl of the City of Lights.

Pub Crawl Paris Mouffetard - Cocktail and Shots

Best Pub Crawl – because we keep it authentic


The Mouffetard Pub Crawl is different from others in Paris. We are not a random company simply telling tourists where to go, what to do and at what time. We are real people, a group of friends, who decided to build the best pub crawl keeping in mind that what really matters is the human.


That’s a way for us to keep our “traveling mind” working. And that is always a buzz for us. The best pub crawl is the one where travellers (and not “tourists”) meet locals and party the way locals party. That is exactly what you get at our bar crawl.

Bar Crawl Paris
Paris bar crawl

Best Pub Crawl – because the party is real


What we want to offer to the participants is the real parisian experience. We therefore decided to create an international party in the same area spot where we were partying as students. The Mouffetard street area, in the heart of the Latin Quarter, is the place to be. It is cheap, it is cool, it is beautiful and, more importantly, it is real! Our participants can see, meet and mingle with Parisians students and local party goers all night long. It often occurs that locals in bars simply join the pub crawl in the middle of the evening. Too fun to stay out!

Best Pub Crawl – because participants are not customers


We are the best pub crawl in Paris because former participants gave us this title. And they did so because they could feel how much we care about our participants. They are the best! We love partying every Thursday because we meet fantastic people each time. Open minded, dynamic, fun, easy going travellers are our favourite. And after the first pub, the crowd is not a gathering of “tourists”, international students, backpackers, locals, hosts… It is a group of friends ready to party for a crazy night out!

Bar Crawl Paris