What is a pub crawl ?

What is a pub crawl ?

We’re often asked: What is a pub crawl?

The concept of a pub crawl originates from London. As the name suggests we go from bar to bar with our guides, stopping for a drink (or two) in each one, meeting new people and building up to a bar/club and club! Upon arrival at each bar you’ll be given a shot and we’ll show you what drinks offers are available to all our pub crawl participants. You’ll get to know your new international friends over a drink or a bite to eat or you’ll let loose on the dancefloor! After a while you’ll hear our guides shout the famous “Pub Crawl, let’s go!” and the group will move on to the next bar or club where we do it again! Hope you can handle your alcohol… or you may see why it’s called a pub CRAWL!

Paris Mouffetard Pub Crawl - beer
Mouffetard Pub Crawl - Paris - Logo

 An authentic Pub Crawl in Paris every thursday

The Mouffetard pub crawl was created by a group of Parisian friends, who want to show the best of their city to other young travellers who are visiting. It’s a local project, made and run by true Parisians, some who are born here and some who have become Parisian-by-adoption since discovering this amazing city. All of us wanted to show new visitors what makes Paris such a cool city to visit. We chose bars and clubs that we’ve been going to  for years (maybe a bit too often!).

Because of all this we were sure that we could offer anyone who joined us an unforgettable night and the bet has paid off! Our group- Juliette, Victor, Claire, Martin, Alice, Théo, Roxane, Tao, Isolde, Camille (to name just a few) – have created a pub crawl which feels truly authentic, where we can have as much fun leading the tours as our participants do taking part in them!

The Latin Quarter and la rue Mouffetard

The Mouffetard Pub Crawl takes place every Thursday in Paris’ famous Rive Gauche, close to Notre-Dame and the beautiful Pantheon. Unfortunately this area remains relatively unexplored. But for centuries this is the area where students from Paris and around the world meet, exchange and, above all, party!

The Latin Quarter remains the hub of artistic creativity in Paris. Absinthe may have been banned but it is often in these bars where the most innovative exchanges and productive encounters take place. The spirit of so many of the great painters, authors and artists from past centuries is still present in the Latin Quarter.

When night falls, all activity concentrates in the heart of the Latin Quarter, around the legendary rue Mouffetard. The line-up of bars, pub and clubs in this area is so impressive that it is known to all the young party goers of Paris. After sundown the club lights take over and the street becomes a paradise for students looking for night-time adventures. It’s all there just waiting for you!

Mouffetard Pub Crawl - Paris - Logo
Paris Pub Crawl